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About Us

For the military, a “RP” or “RallyPoint”, represents a physical point where you can reassemble and reorganize to prepare for actions at an objective; to prepare to reenter friendly lines. The “6” is a term understood: “I’ve got your back”. It also represents a commander’s call sign.

In our case, RP/6 is a convening location in the community where the service member, veteran or family member is connected with community service providers that will assist them on their path forward to their next objective. A place where community meets military and welcomes them to “friendly lines” as they transition and reintegrate into their new opportunity. The support received includes an assessment of each individual’s situation, mentorship and guidance to reaching their next objective. The “6” in RP/6 represents the community now has their back; we all share the collective promise as citizen leaders in welcoming our military and their families home to reach their fullest potential.