MU-JERES: Mujeres Unidas - Juntas Entendiendo Responsabilidad, Educacion y Salud


440-2 Fujaigu-cho
Sanrafore A -205
Ota-shi, Gunma


About Us

MU-JERES is an organization which was founded on the principals of: 1) promoting multi-culturalism by replacing ignorance and prejudice with cultural understanding, 2) identifying women’s issues locally and globally 3) creating a relational network of men and women with similar interests and a dedication to helping women worldwide.

We focus on the issues of environmental degradation, access to health care and education, development, human rights and equality. We work together with the community to provide the most appropriate response to any of the aforementioned issues. MU-JERES seeks to promote international and cultural understanding by respecting all cultures, sexes, religions, languages, and lifestyles.