Rural World Resources International


Council Junction, Ntarinkon


About Us

RWRI is a Non Profit organisation set up to: 1. Foster social and economic development in rural areas of Sub – Saharan Africa by creating employment, minimizing poverty, and improving living conditions through establishing enduring community based and owned Renewable Energy Sites that generate electricity for business and home use 2. Commercialise Renewable Energy sites under local ownership of rural communities that have been empowered by RWRI 3. Manage the preparation, financing and implementation of a large number of distributed electrical networks based on renewable energy resources in remote areas of Africa. 4. Encourage power site owners to re-invest power sale profits in local infrastructure and community-based industries. Electricity end-use options are promoted and the surplus is sold at a fair price to neighbouring communities. Local mini-grids are established providing electricity to rural villages surrounding the production site 5. Set up equipment manufacturing industries to supply a large number of small, technically simple and reliable Renewable Energy Systems at low cost for the local or regional market, thus creating an industrial base that use appropriate technology.