The S.C.O.O.P Foundation (Save Children out of Poverty)

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About Us

The SCOOP is a young, innovative and fast-growing Irish non-profit who seek to Support Children Out Of Poverty by supporting their education and communities; their passions and their talents; their needs and their futures. And by offering them the level of education and opportunity that they would not have had the access to otherwise.

We believe that every child on this Earth has the right to an education and equal opportunities, regardless of their class, race, gender or economic situation. Factors such as poverty, corruption, greed, ignorance and set class systems are man-made evils and barriers that are destroying our world, our future and our children. It is time for change, and it is time for you to get involved...

We are based in Ireland but we focus on developing schools, education and a better quality of life for children and their families in Cambodia and India, and, with your help and participation, hope to work in other countries and with other communities all around the world.