El Porvenir

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About Us


Healthy, educated Nicaraguans achieving a better quality of life for themselves through integrated clean water projects.


Improve the standard of living of rural Nicaraguans through water, sanitation, health education, and watershed management projects.

El Porvenir, which means "the future," is a small non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable development of water and sanitation projects in rural Nicaragua. Communities that lack clean drinking water and sanitation request and receive our support for self-help construction of village wells, spring capture systems, washing and bathing stations and latrines. Villagers provide all the labor on a volunteer basis and a portion of the materials or cost, and El Porvenir provides the rest of the financing and transportation for the materials to construct the project. We also support watershed protection projects in the communities which have successfully carried out a water or sanitation project, to preserve the water table on which the wells depend. El Porvenir also offers one or two-week work trips to Nicaragua. Small groups work in a village, participating with local families in the construction of a project or planting trees. The trip includes recreational and educational activities as well as direct project construction.