Kashmir Development Foundation(KDF)

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About Us

Kashmir Development Foundation (KDF) is one of the leading indigenous Kashmiri development organisations working for community development and empowering the voice of the underrepresented people and communities in Jammu Kashmir and United Kingdom. It has been in existence since 2000 and was initially set up by a small group of individuals working for and on behalf of the Kashmiri community in Britain who recognised the need for a foundation to provide support and funding to the projects in Pakistan administered (Azad) Jammu Kashmir and its Diaspora in the UK. Since then KDF has grown considerably and has been registered in England and Wales as a Charity Registration No.114389 and Company No. 05664890; and as a NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Registration No 058485.

KDF has committed itself to ensure that members of the Kashmiri Diaspora in the UK, Europe and elsewhere, are supported and empowered in the process of shaping and influencing policy and projects that affect their lives and livelihoods in their countries of residence and in Jammu Kashmir. It continues to support small and medium size Kashmiri voluntary and community groups across the UK and in Jammu Kashmir through research, training, policy development, funding advice, grants and networking opportunities. KDF core activities concentrate on capacity building for peace and sustainable development, Community development by empowering voice for participatory governance, equality and human rights, and the relief of poverty within the socially and economically disadvantaged community of Jammu and Kashmir.