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About Us

EWEF work is complementary to the many NGO services and programs working to improve life and human condition in the world's impoverished Communities. In addition to offering early childhood eduction program to Underprivileged Kids / Families, EWEF provides needed skilled Trades and related equipments to suffering communities. Local youths and talented individuals are trained to rebuild, fix, maintain and sustain needed vital infrastructure on their own. EWEF effort provides non-dependence on perpetual aid! EWEF also work with other NGO to strengthen existing relief work, promoting SELF-HELP while minimizing handout!

EWEF teach to fish, ... not give fish! To understand EWEF role, explore site with special attention to our core belief, vision, mission & EWEF-3S!

EWEF Educational Foundation is a Non-profit and federally registered charitable educational organization. In addition to offering early childhood eduction program to Underprivileged Kids and Families, Its other Mission is to train youths & talent individuals in impoverished communities. Trainings are 'Hands-on' in Technological Infrastructure Amenities that are directly linked to their poverty issues, including health related issues like AIDS, transmittable diseases and hunger. EWEF is helping replace the perpetual state of communal hopelessness and helplessness with vital communal "Self-Help", "Self-Reliance" and "Self sustenance" efforts. Hence "EWEF 3S".

As a registered Non Profit Educational Charitable Organization: - It has Canada Revenue (CCRA) Tax Certificate / Receipt Issuing and 100% Tax Deduction approval privileges and issues such receipts for all donations including funding. - As a Preschool education Center, EWEF Provides early childhood education to underprivileged Kids and parents with limited or no means of providing such Education. - As a grassroots' skilled-trade training institution, EWEF is also an "NGO" organization providing skilled trade education to youths in needy communities. - EWEF sponsors infrastructure related amenities & technical-trade interest related to the technological infrastructure and Amenity lacking in that local community. As a trade in Services to the community through their local EWEF for three years. This is a necessary requirement by EWEF for all trainees and their sponsors.

EWEF does this in partnership and their local schools; particularly those located in City of Hamilton and Ontario region.

EWEF main mission: EWEF believes that the "Status Quo" of simply giving aid and relief to the needy and sufferer is not enough. So EWEF is dedicated to the technological and cultural re-education of any talented individual from suffering and impoverished Communities in North American skilled-trade schools. EWEF program is designed to give these people the North American Industrial 'Know-how', tools and working knowledge to rebuild, repair and maintain their own society: core technological infrastructure facilities. All EWEF programs bridges the "divide" of the Third World and First World peoples through education and training. EWEF is also doing this work in partnership with vital industries whose cooperation' equipment and collaboration is crucial to restoring or rebuilding vital infrastructure that are the underlying technical failures, which are directly responsible for the human sufferings, deaths, hunger, health, disease, water shortage, electricity and poverty.

EWEF programs are also designed to provide jobs, independence, innovation and capabilities for the trained individual indigenous to these impoverished areas. Upon completion of training, they return to their communities. The new vision and education in their "Specialized Infrastructure Skilled-Trade" contributes in the rebuilding, repair and maintenance of the dilapidated infrastructure facilities and amenities that is responsible for the poverty issues.

After their training these "Graduates" work with their local EWEF office in the region to extend their services as well as help train others in the community with their learned specific skill trade.