Little Friends for Peace

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4405 29th Street
Mount Rainier
United States

About Us

Little Friends for Peace is a nonprofit organization that empowers children and adults to solve problems nonviolently, build relationships through compassion and empathy, and create a culture of peace. 

We envision communities where everyone has the opportunity to experience, learn, and practice peace. From playground put-downs and family fights to street crime and global conflict, violence builds from the ground up. We work to interrupt our current culture of  violence through peace building. By teaching peace at an early age and practicing peace at every age we know together we can  answer the violence with skills for peace.

Little Friends for Peace offers a variety of programs! We spread our vision through Peace Camps, after school clubs, and in-school classes for youth as well as Peace Circles, training and workshops, and the Peace Academy for adults. Our programs share our peace toolbox which empowers individuals  to build compassion, empathy and love,  and imparts skills for living peacefully and spreading peace in communities. For more information on individual programs please see our programs page.