Project Harvest

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1230 Broadway
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About Us

Project Harvest is striving to increase access to fruits and vegetables in the community.  We are connecting local growers, food banks, and volunteers to create produce gleaning opportunities here in Snohomish County. We recognize that access to fresh produce is particularly hard for those on a limited budget. Our goal is to make nutritious options more accessible to all members of the community.

Project Harvest recruits and trains volunteers to glean surplus produce, whether out on a farmer’s field, farmers market, or even in your backyard garden or fruit tree. This is a great opportunity to ensure that all the produce farmers nurture has the chance to make it to a plate, while fighting food insecurity in our community.

Project Harvest is a collaborative program of Volunteers of America Western Washington, Snohomish County Food Bank Coalition, Rotary First Harvest, and AmeriCorps*VISTA.