The Yale Humanist Community, Inc.

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760 Chapel Street
New Haven
United States

About Us

The Yale Humanist Community (YHC) is dedicated to developing, supporting, and growing a diverse community of Humanists, atheists, agnostics, and the nonreligious throughout the Greater New Haven community and at Yale University. We equally welcome those that self-describe as freethinkers, nonbelievers, skeptics, searchers—as well as anyone who identifies as religious or as a theist that is interested in our programs. All are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Within this eclectic group, the YHC strives to provide members with access to a caring community, support in an ethical framework, and opportunities for reflective service. Additionally, we hope to engage in activities to educate community members about the worldview of Humanism as defined in the Humanist Manifesto:

"Humanism is a progressive philosophy, rooted in scientific naturalism, that affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity. Humanism—guided by reason, inspired by compassion, and informed by experience—encourages us to live life well and fully".