38 Cameron

  • MA


38 Cameron Ave
Suite 100
United States

About Us

38 Cameron is a powerful container for meaningful, purpose-driven conversations. As a venue owned and operated by EnlightenNext (http://www.enlightennext.org) in the Boston area, our events and workshops explore the edges of consciousness and culture, looking for insight, generating authentic communication, and building partnership around issues that we feel are critical for our future.

Infused with the positive and powerful inquiry that goes on here, 38 Cameron captures and conveys the spirit and intention of EnlightenNext’s mission. By inspiring people to look at life from a bigger perspective, challenging them to respond to the global crisis we are facing as a human family, and uncovering the hidden potentials for cooperation and camaraderie in the human spirit, EnlightenNext is igniting a revolutionary shift in human consciousness and culture.

So 38 Cameron, one of EnlightenNext’s many projects, is much more than a beautiful art gallery and meeting space. In spirit, we are a revolution. Whether you are an artist, a musician, a film maker, a meeting planner, running a workshop or hosting a social event, at 38 Cameron you’re part of a multi-dimensional conversation and our purpose is to inspire you to new and higher levels of creativity and engagement.