House of Hearts Inc.

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About Us

House of Hearts, Inc. focuses on the needs of pregnant teens and young mothers while contributing to their growth within the community. We will provide pregnant teens and young mothers with a safe environment and a comprehensive program of change. Our goal is to empower our young woman and provide the needed tools for a better life. Our program will have available linkage to resources for pre and post-natal healthcare, continuing education and career development. We will also conduct peer sessions, parenting and nutritional cooking classes, financial management and an enrichment programs to include tutoring, art, music, fitness and yoga to encourage self expression and build confidence. Services will be provided to young women from as early as first trimester of pregnancy and to mothers who are parenting one child between the ages of birth and five. The program supports women to strengthen their independent living skills and assists each participant on becoming self-sufficient, especially in areas of parenting and financial management skills. The needs of the target population are assessed though local collaboration with community agencies, schools and medical practices. Clients are assessed during a screening and interview process for their level of appropriateness for House of Hearts program.