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About Us

Creating systems that support sustainable food systems is of utmost importance for healthy communities, regenerative economies, and the preservation and restoration of our natural world. By selecting more effective ways to reclaim our food sources, shift our eating habits (for personal, collective and planetary health), halt the extinction of many of the world's species, and promote economic justice, we can create healthy, regenerative systems that sustain and nourish people and the environment.

At Vital Systems, we bring together various stakeholder groups to collect, frame, and share knowledge about food and farming practices that can help build communications processes, interconnect communities, and provide infrastructures to support healthy food systems. Through our highly collaborative work with a variety of food and farming entrepreneurs, investors, and community leaders, we actively enroll diverse audiences with current, meaningful, accessible, and actionable information. Our collective efforts will bring good food, health and food security into our homes and lives.

To accomplish our key activities, Vital Systems:

  • Collaborates with Slow Money Northern California (Slow Money NoCal) to develop educational materials for investors, local food and farming entrepreneurs and communities who oversee local food systems and promote social, environmental, governance and financial issues through triple top and bottom lines.
  • Creates “Conversation Starters” in the form of customized DVDs that inform the interdisciplinary context of regional food and farming infrastructures, including stories, case studies, interviews and methods to create food system networks.
  • Offers resources and tools that include stories, resources, a knowledge base (a searchable bibliography), as well as access to other groups doing similar work.