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P.O. Box ML 657, Mallam-Accra

About Us

Paajaf is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on providing: Basic facilities (Food, shelter, clothing), Information (Healthcare, Community building, Job training) and Education for underprivileged and underserved children, youth and women. Paajaf is a registered N.G.O with Certificate of Recognition from Department of Social Welfare in Ghana – Certificate Number D.S.W./4003 and Register General G21, 781. Paajaf stands for Providing Adolescents and Adults with Jobs for Advancement in the Future. Since April 2007 the organization has been operating under the name Paajaf Foundation in Ghana. Its founders, Mr. Philip Kyei Appiah and Ms Juliet Afua Yayera Adusei believe that the target group should be given equal opportunities.

The foundation is located in Gbawe, the Village of Accra, the capital City of Ghana. The organization accepts all people, irrespective of race, religion, or circumstance to help develop our programs.

VISION To become a leading resource centre for orphans, other vulnerable children in Ghana

MISSION To provide information and education; regarding children rights, adult education/literacy training for women and girls. To provide education and information to foster orphans and other vulnerable children.

To educate people on discrimination against orphans and other vulnerable children

To equip women and the female youths with vocational skills/handiworks.

HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancer and Other Communicable Diseases prevention education, care and support.

To provide practical and social support for orphans, women and other vulnerable children. To research policies covering the orphans, children and women in local, district, national and international levels