First Chance Foundation

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About Us

First Chance Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation established through contributions from individuals and clients of Verbalocity, Inc. The foundation was formed as a way to support those soundly-managed, non-profit organizations which focus on the nurturing and development of disadvantaged children.

The foundation's funds are distributed as cash grants to non-profit organizations throughout the United States targeted toward specific projects that fit within our program guidelines. Decisions regarding funding are made by an Advisory Board that meets four times a year to review proposals. The members of this Advisory Board have the sole discretion, power, duty, and responsibility to determine and designate the charities and recipients and the times, amounts, and methods of distribution of foundation funds. Although non-profit organizations throughout the United States are considered, a priority is placed on those organizations dedicated to helping children in the Texas Hill Country and San Antonio area.

Grants are distributed through projects we proactively develop with selected non-profit organizations, or through a formal invitation to submit a proposal. As a small foundation, we keep our resources within the organizations identified by the Advisory Board. Unsolicited applications are not reviewed.