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United Kingdom

About Us

We aim to spread the word of how easy it is for people to help stop animal suffering through leaflets, posters, events and after enough money has been collected, through magazine and newspaper adverts. All messages will be put across in a very non-offensive way with complete respect for personal choice. We also aim to urge unethical companies and parliament with letter writing campaigns, petitions and peaceful demonstrations. Currently we are focusing on raising awareness of the many cosmetics/ household products that are tested on animals when there is no requirement to do so by law and there are plenty of alternative methods available. The other messages we want to get across are:  To raise public awareness of the capacity of animal emotions and therefore a greater need to alleviate any animal suffering

 To raise public awareness of animal suffering for; Cosmetic/ household product testing Factory farming Certain methods of fishing Fur Hunting Endangered species in the UK abroad  To raise public awareness of how people can help stop all of the above without necessarily spending money  To dispel any myths that allow animal suffering to continue