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About Us

What is is a national organization that amplifies the political voice of Latin@s and our allies. Since our birth in 2009, we’ve run numerous innovative and impactful campaigns, including Basta Dobbs, the Trail of Dreams, and the Obama Immigration Legacy. Using a variety of tactics, both online and off, we help our more than 200,000 members take bold action on the issues they care about, including immigrant rights, environmental justice, and economic inequality. is agile, creative, and laser focused on mobilizing the 54 million (and growing!) multi-ethnic mezcla that is the U.S. Latin@ community. We are building people power at the intersection of online engagement, community organizing, and culture; re-imagining our national conversation on race and class; and fostering freedom, equity, and justice.

What do we do?

Using a variety of tactics, we provide ways for our members to take action on the issues they care about. This includes providing calls to action via email, social networks, and text message, coordinating on-the-ground events, running merchandise giveaways, organizing house parties, running radio and television ads, and doing anything else we can think of that helps our members make their voices heard. We seek to be a centralized organizing hub for issues facing Latinos, with a focus on online activation. To learn more about our work, check out out our campaigns page.

Why do we do it?

We know from history that lasting change only comes when ordinary people stand up and speak out. seeks to be a platform for the Latino community, and those who stand with us, to amplify our voices and fight for our collective welfare and dignity. We seek to bring together Latinos of all nationalities, generations, and regions, with our allies from other communities. We are residents, recent immigrants, and U.S. citizens. While we are diverse and won't always agree on every issue, we do have common goals: to build our communities, provide for our families, and enrich the country where we live—all without being denied the basic human rights afforded to others. Protecting and promoting those goals is the focus of was born in the midst of a national struggle over immigration policy, but our work does not stop there. Too few of our young people graduate from high school and college, and too many end up in prison. The economic crisis has hit us as hard as any community. Many of us don't have access to quality health care. And hate crimes against Latinos are on the rise. It is for these reasons, among many others, that we came together to launch