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About Us

The Anti Homophobia Legal Clinic El Salvador is associated with Asociación Entre Amigos (‘AEA’) in San Salvador. Its main focus is HIV/AIDS education and prevention to communities who are severely persecuted & stigmatized due to their sexual orientation, sexual identity & HIV/AIDS status. AEA also works to promote and defend the human & civil rights of LGBT persons particularly in areas of education, employment and medical care, but has not had legal aid staff or volunteers to carry out this important civil rights work.

Since 2004, AEA has become a leader in developing tactical alliances with numerous HIV/AIDS/ LGBT human rights groups, in strategic planning and policy work for this community. These collaborations include working with pro bono legal services organizations and law schools in the United States. Through these collabaorations, AEA is now instituting the first pro bono legal services clinic for its clients in El Salvador and is inviting law students, law graduates and pro bono attorneys to participate in this new and exciting human rights program.

For further information contact our representative in the United States:

Ana Montano, attorney at: