Time for African Youth Empowerment Ghana

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About Us

T.A.Y.E Ghana is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that seeks to develop the youth of Ghana and Africa by empowering them through capacity building to adequately face the challenges of life. T.A.Y.E Ghana is of the belief that each individual has something to offer in this life and that circumstances and the environment should not limit anyone’s potential. Further, it believes that a little push may be the only catalyst that a young man/woman needs to unleash that nipped bud and that is where T.A.Y.E Ghana provides the platform to transform destinies. An empowered youth breeds life in the society. An empowered youth breeds hope for the future. Vision :Improved livelihood for the youth of Africa through sustainable self-empowerment activities.

Mission:TAYE Ghana exists to empower the youth of Africa (Ghana) to achieve their highest potential through training programs for capacity building and self-employment, to ultimately churn out a responsible youth with a better livelihood.

Broad Objective :To train the youth in activities that can build their personal capacity and also provide opportunities for employment.

Specific Objectives

To train the youth (especially in rural areas) in technology-based Agricultural activities/opportunities.

To train the youth in entrepreneurial activities

To train the youth in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to prepare them for the corporate world.

To organize seminars and training on leadership to develop a responsible youth.

To train the youth in locality-specific artisanship activities/opportunities.

To educate the youth in HIV/AIDS and protective sex.