BHORE-campaign based and research focused philanthropic organization

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About Us

BHORE is a campaign based and research focused philanthropic organization working to contribute in building prosperous Nepal with dignified lives of all Nepali citizens. BHORE was formally registered with District Administration Office (DAO), Dhanusha and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC) in 2009. However, the initiatives on the above mentioned issues have been carrying out in different forms by members of BHORE since 2005. It has a central office located within premise of Sabari Temple (Musahar Kutti) in Janakpurdham & coordination office in Kathmandu. BHORE mainly works through two approaches (1. Facilitating Campaigns, 2. Delivering professional services)

Volunteer for Nepal (VFN)

Volunteer for Nepal (VFN), is the volunteer wing of BHORE, founded in January 2015, established with the spirit of youth and volunteerism. Currently, VFN has valley chapter with 200 registered volunteers. Volunteer for Nepal aims to have a nation-wide association of volunteer action groups that work for the betterment of needy population and the nation as a whole through their engagement in various campaigns initiated by BHORE. Volunteer for Nepal works to end poverty, hunger and injustice, end inhumane and harmful practices, improve system of Nepal throughout the country.

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