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About Us

Our Vision, Mission, and Work


Our Vision

Across the nation, all students have access to high quality college and career pathways that prepare them for lasting success in college, career, community, and life.


Our Mission

ConnectEd partners with school, district, and community leaders to transform education through Linked Learning pathways so that all students, regardless of background, are prepared to succeed in college, career, community, and life.


ConnectEd Supports High School Pathway Development

ConnectEd is dedicated to advancing practice, policy, and research aimed at helping young people prepare for both college and career through Linked Learning — a high school improvement approach. As the national hub for Linked Learning practice, ConnectEd develops tools, supports demonstration projects, provides technical assistance, leads collaboration, and promotes policies that expand high-quality pathways.

Our History

ConnectEd was founded in 2006 with a grant from The James Irvine Foundation. We are dedicated to advancing practice, policy, and research aimed at helping young people prepare for both college and career through Linked Learning - a high school improvement approach.  Linked Learning engages students by making education relevant.


Linked Learning combines rigorous academics, demanding technical education, personalized student supports, and real-world experience.  It is delivered within career pathways, which are organized around 21st-century themes such as digital media arts, engineering, green energy, health sciences, and law and justice.


ConnectEd played a key role in developing and launching Linked Learning as a demonstration project with nine California school districts that serve primarily low-income students. In addition, ConnectEd has partnered with educators in Houston, Rochester, and Detroit to expand Linked Learning to those cities.

We provide a variety of services such as planning for school district administrators, coaching and training for teachers, resources and curriculum development for teachers and students, powerful new technology to support Linked Learning pathway certification, tools, and quality checkpoints.


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