Noyo Food Forest

  • CA


300 Dana Street
Fort Bragg
United States

About Us

The Noyo Food Forest cultivates a healthy local food system by providing opportunities for education, social enterprise, and community involvement.

Education: We offer free and low-cost workshops, paid internships and apprenticeships, and ongoing classes in organic, community-based agriculture to train a new generation of local farmers and gardeners how to feed our community.

Social Enterprise: We start small, garden-based business enterprises to support our educational center, provide vocational training, and catalyze the local food economy. Almost half of our operating expenses are raised through the market garden and nursery enterprises at our flagship project, The Learning Garden at Fort Bragg High School.

Community Involvement: We organize and engage community volunteers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds in the transformation of our local food system. Our gardens are spaces of common ground where all kinds of people come together to grow healthy food.