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About Us

BEYOND Tomorrow was established in June 2011 and is administered by Global Fund for Education Assistance. Its aim is to support the young victims who, despite facing great adversity after the Great East Japan earthquake, did not lose hope and continued to embrace a dream to give back to society in the future. By offering scholarships to attend top-class universities domestically and abroad, as well as providing leadership training, BEYOND Tomorrow aims to give these young men and women the opportunity to continue pursuing their dreams and become leaders of tomorrow. It is precisely because they have suffered such a devastating experience that these young people can empathize with people across the world and be active global leaders. BEYOND Tomorrow aims to offer unwavering support for such motivated young people.

Since 2011, BEYOND Tomorrow has provided scholarships to students from Tohoku disaster communities with strong potential to become leaders on a regional, national and global scale in the future. The program selects students through a rigorous selection process and provides financial support that is aimed to help them pursue university education. The rate of high school students proceeding to higher education in Tohoku being lower than the national average, the earthquake and tsunami created a situation where it was even more difficult for parents to send their children to universities. BEYOND Tomorrow’s scholarship has created a number of opportunities for high school students to pursue university education with dreams to become leaders who can make a difference to the world.

In addition to providing financial assistance, BEYOND Tomorrow organizes a series of leadership development programs, including an annual flagship event where Tohoku students discuss and develop Tohoku’s recovery plans with leaders active in a wide range of fields, and global leadership programs that sends the students to overseas to broaden their perspectives and act as ambassadors from Tohoku.