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About Us

Devoted to Children (D2C) is a non-profit organization with a mission of supporting the most vulnerable children in the village of Cayes Jacmel, Haiti, who have been orphaned, abandoned or enslaved. Our goal is to create a stable home, a family, for children who have none, so to assist them in creating a better future so that they are able to become thriving citizens and community leaders in their own country. By integrating yoga, a well documented source for healing trauma and stress, and building confidence and empowerment we will provide the foundation necessary for these children to thrive and succeed, and reach their full potential, otherwise unattainable in their current situation. Additionally, we focus on strengthening the community by promoting sustainable, long-term projects, as this will directly affect the children. As long as the community is strong and proactive we can together attempt to end the cycle of poverty, and they will be able to nurture and protect the children of the future.

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