Center for Development Services


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About Us

Center for Development Services is a non-governmental organization based in Belgrade with a network of associate members in Novi Sad, Kraljevo and Nis. CDS has developed since its establishment on January 16, 2006 a network of partner organizations. Our partners in Serbia are Khetane-Zajedno, a Roma NGO from Novi Sad and KOKORO, a local NGO from Bor, Eastern Serbia. We also have cross-border collaboration established with one NGO from Montenegro and another one from Bosnia.

Our objectives can be divided into three areas: - Support to economic self-sustainability of vulnerable and marginalized groups - Cross border cooperation - Development and activation of local communities .

Cooperation with governmental institutions on implementation of the Strategy for poverty reduction as well as other strategic documents targeting marginalized groups is another of our main objectives. Targeting economic self-sustainability of vulnerable and marginalized groups the Centre cooperates with the International Catholic Migration Commission on the Kosovo return program (IMRA).