The Labrador Lifeline Trust of England

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52 Farnham
Blandford Forum
DT11 8DE
United Kingdom

About Us

The Labrador Lifeline Trust of England operates in the Counties of Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Middlesex, England. We rehome unwanted, ill treated and abandoned Labrador Retrievers or first crosses which are predominantly Labrador Retriever. We rehome direct from one home to another and therefore hopefully avoid having to kennel dogs. All dogs coming into rescue are very carefully vetted, as are the adoptive homes, by our experienced helpers. Any dog placed by us is looked after for the remainder of it's life and after initial placement, annual visits are made to ensure the dog's welfare. Dogs of all ages gender and colour come into rescue. Most have well treated but some require plenty of TLC to adapt them to their new homes. We will not re-home known viscious dogs.