Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative

  • Minnesota


2nd Street S

United States

About Us

The Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative (AARC) seeks a relational, highly motivated Senior Coalition Organizer to deepen alignment, collaboration, and momentum among a growing network of over 40 member organizations committed to systems-level reform of the animal agriculture industry working around a shared vision of a just, sustainable animal agriculture system that is accountable to people. 

AARC is a one-of-a-kind national movement hub for strategy development, campaign alignment, collaboration and shared resources. Our vision is of an animal agriculture system that is good for people, the planet, where animals are raised on high-welfare pasture including practices that improve soil and ecosystems. Our focus is to create a dynamic collaborative space and therefore AARC is not public-facing; if you would like to learn more about us please send an e-mail to request more information.

The Senior Coalition Organizer will work with member organizations to help build a broad and powerful base in impacted communities and across a broad range of constituencies, and sectors to challenge corporate control of the food system.