The Fund For the Public Interest

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552 Massachusetts Avenue
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About Us

The Fund for the Public Interest is a non profit grassroots organization that runs campaigns for the nation's top progressive organizations. Our mission is to raise money, recruit memebers, and build campaigns for groups like the Human Rights Campaign, Environment America, and the USPIRGS. In this office, we are working with Human Rights Campaign to pass the Employment Non Discrimination Act. It's hard to believe, but it is still legal in 29 states to fire someone just for being gay. We are working to pass a fully inclusive bill that includes both gender identity and sexual orientation, and finally put an end to legal discrimination in the workplace. Our main focus is to raise public awareness and fundraise for the organization. We are looking for individuals who work hard, communicate well, and are interested in working towards positive social change.

We are currently hiring canvass staff, please apply online at or call us at 617 661 0916.