Digital Freedom Fund

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About Us

The Digital Freedom Fund supports strategic litigation to advance digital rights in Europe. DFF provides financial support and seeks to catalyse collaboration between digital rights activists to enable people to exercise their human rights in digital and networked spaces.

Digital rights are under threat across Europe. From data retention to surveillance and content regulation, new legislation and emerging practice have a serious impact on the ability of citizens to exercise their rights to privacy and freedom of expression. Strategic litigation – litigation with broad impact and which can bring about legislative or policy change – has proven to be a crucial lever to protect human rights in the digital realm.

The Digital Freedom Fund supports Europe’s digital rights litigators – NGOs, pro bono lawyers and sometimes regular litigators – enabling them to become more effective in their work. By equipping them to win more strategic digital rights cases, the Fund seeks ultimately to contribute to a society where everyone can fully enjoy their human rights in the digital space.