Tikondane Community Centre

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About Us

Tikondane is a vibrant grassroots community centre run for and by the people of Katete. Our mission is to fight poverty in Katete through better education, health and entrepreneurship; helping people to help themselves while maintaining their traditional values.

We provide early childhood playgroups, primary education in the lively community school, and literacy and English lessons. At Tiko Academy, we teach 19 steps out of poverty for the subsistence farmer as well as small business and computer skills.

We promote better health through HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, health workshops and training, education on a balanced diet, infection prevention, and sustainable farming. We have 37 home-based care-givers in most of our 53 villages and compounds that belong to our catchment area of 16,000 people.

We run income generating activities (IGAs) for staff to learn practical skills whilst developing an independent source of income for themselves and Tiko.

We promote traditional culture of caring for your neighbours and family, generosity and the vibrant drumming, singing and dancing. We offer cultural safaris to experience all of this in the village, where it is still done regularly.

Tiko also provide allowances for nearly 100 volunteers who learn many skills including sustainable agricultural practices and income generating activities like jam making or weaving. Volunteers, along with locals,are taught the 19 Steps Out of Poverty for a Subsistence Farmer, English lessons, computer lessons, and so much more.

Tiko is run by its management committee, where every department of the Community Centre is represented, including the headmen and women. This ‘cabinet’ gives women a voice and helps the community to coordinate activities and needs. Tiko is a meeting place where people from different levels of the society and from different cultures see the ‘real Africa’ and do not meet Africans only as waiters or worse, as beggars.

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