So They Can Thrive

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About Us

Providing opportunity to communities who need it most. Education, agriculture, sustainability, clean water, and access to medical care.

Giving people the opportunity to make better for themselves, and communities. Making a difference, even for just one person, makes everything worth it. SO THEY CAN THRIVE!

We have constructed the Good Grace Primary School in Kacerere, Uganda. The structure is shaped in an L, and consists of ten classrooms. Each fitting about thirty students. The school has a library, two clean water purifiers, a clinic, kitchen, lavatories, offices, and a 20 acre farm. We also manage 6 farms locally in Kacerere, and employ doctors, nurses, teachers, headmasters, farmers, cooks, and security.

In October 2016, we constructed the Good Grace Secondary School, and currently support 57 pupils in that program. Our primary school currently supports 380 pupils. We provide educational materials, uniforms, medical care, two meals a day, and clean water.

In October 2017, our founder and executive director travelled to Bangladesh to volunteer at a refugee camp. In her 17 days there, she was able to build a makeshift clinic. This clinic is still serving the Rohingya refugee population, serving 200 to 550 refugees a day.

We have many projects internationally and locally planned for 2018.

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