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About Us

RISE is a nonprofit organization that specializes in home and community-based support services for children and adults with developmental and other disabilities, children with mental health challenges, and aging adults. For 25+ years, our purpose has remained constant. We create opportunities for and with the people we serve, their families, and for the men and women who work in the direct care profession.

RISE believes that children should live in families, regardless of the complexities of their needs. The natural family home is clearly the preference, unfortunately some children are unable to live with their family temporarily or permanently for many reasons.

Professional Parenting is a unique model where a child is placed in a family home licensed by RISE. RISE then customizes services around the needs of the child and the Professional Parent Family. Services can be as basic or as complex as needed. This makes it possible for a child to live in a family setting, where they are nurtured by a consistent caregiver, and receive the services found in residential programs. Services can be increased or decreased seamlessly, without moving the child from the home.

We are always in need of Professional Parents (Foster Parents) and individuals interested in providing direct supports to the persons in our care.