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About Us

The Next Wave of Women & Power (NWWP) is a transformative leadership development network designed for young women ages 18-40. NWWP holistically engages young women in a rigorous experiential curriculum that 1) enhances their wisdom, creativity and intuition, 2) challenges their existing notions about power and 3) encourages the building of a global community of empowered young women. NWWP creates projects and initiatives that fully engage in the hearts, minds and concerns of young women both nationally and abroad.

The Next Wave of Women and Power (NWWP) and its first initiative We Got Issues! (WGI!), started with many blunt and illuminating conversations about the “P-word” – power – with young women. Those conversations created an acute awareness of painful silences and the critical need to celebrate the voices of young women everywhere. The visions, songs, movements, and battle-cries of young women have the power to preserve, repair and protect families, communities, and the globe, yet this power is hidden behind unspoken personal and political issues. We Got Issues! is designed to tap into the transformative power of creative expression as a vehicle for awakening a new kind of feminine centered leadership. WGI! is committed to ALL young women ages 18-35, especially those from the most marginalized communities- immigrant, indigenous, people of color, the working poor, queer. For more information, check us out at www.wegotissues.org.