Thurgood Marshall Academic High School, San Francisco Unified School District

  • CA

About Us

Founded in 1994, and located in the southeastern part of San Francisco, Thurgood Marshall Academic High School is a four-year college preparatory high school with a diverse student body.

  • We are looking for someone to dedicate time to working in our school garden.

School Programs include:

After School Programs

  • A wide variety of student clubs and academic support.
  • Cooking Club

Special Education Programs

  • Designated Instructional Services
  • Inclusion
  • Resource Specialist Program
  • Special Day Class/Learning Disabled
  • Special Day Class/Mild/Moderate-Intensive Language & Learning

Resource Specialist Program, Special Day Class/Mild/Moderate-Intensive Language & Learning, Special Day Class/Learning Disabled, Inclusion, Special Day Class/Severely Impaired-Transition, Designated Instructional Services

Language Programs

  • All Newcomer Languages
  • English Plus Pathway, Newcomer Pathway (All Newcomer Languages 9-11)
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP)

School Day Academic Enrichment

Honors and AP classes in all subject areas.