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TARGET POPULATION: Orphans and Vulnerable Children in families with double orphans and people having HIV/AIDS


The Project is intended to address the problems of orphans, vulnerable children in Masaka – Ssenyange division especially in terms of shelter, health and educational needs. Due to AIDS scourge in this region, the increasing number of orphans and vulnerable children and or worsening their conditions of living. However the major goal of this project is to enable orphans and vulnerable children access basic needs through provision of shelter and educational services school fees and scholastic materials.

Its objectives majorly include; establishment of a home for the homeless, distressed and HIV/AIDS orphans, providing immediate needs and other timely needs of orphans and nurturing sick and malnourished Orphan children for better health and keep them well and strong through child survival program.

Community Participation

This orphanage home aims to provide care, support and protection for 30 orphan and street children in our phase one. The home will have Care Takers and these will include; a doctor to conduct health routine checkup & medical care, home cooks, home mothers, teacher for home lessons and security guard. These children will be provided with three time’s nutritious food, comfortable beddings, a chance to good education, opportunity for indoor and outdoor recreation and play facilities along with training in crafts and other extracurricular activities.

Therefore, this project is intended to remedy the problems of orphans / vulnerable children in its operation areas by enabling them access educational needs especially the ones which will make them become self reliant in the near future.

Objectives of the Project

The general objectives.

To provide support to orphans and vulnerable children so as to ensure that they are reached with effective social protection measure

Specific statement

The specific objectives are majorly but not limited to:

The establishment of a home for the orphans and homeless.

Providing immediate needs and other timely needs of orphans like food, clothing, shelter and elementary education for the orphans, training them in the self reliance skills that will be available at the home.

Nurture sick and malnourished Orphan children for better health and keep them well and strong through child survival program.

Sensitizing and mobilizing the society to support needy orphans and vulnerable children.

Project goal:

To provide orphan / semi orphan / street children, a childhood that they never experienced and help them to become useful members of the society through giving a home to the homeless and educational assistance to those from very poor homes.

. To make available a secure place where orphan / semi orphan / street children can play and enjoy their childhood.

.To provide basic education to orphan / semi orphan / street children.

.To provide basic literacy and facilities for those who wish to study further

.To select and prepare for a vocation in order to live on their own legs

.To accomplishing physical, intellectual and aesthetic development of the child

Target groups

The groups are two categories:- primary and secondary groups. The primary target groups will consist of orphaned and vulnerable children. The secondary target groups will consist of vulnerable persons from very poor households especially those from rural poverty stricken villages.

Our Mission:

To provide and care for the orphaned and vulnerable children by supporting them to become successful citizens through education so they can contribute positively to our nation’s development.

Problem statement

In many African societies Children occupy a very unique and privileged position and that for the full harmonious development of their personality; the child should grow up in a family Environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love, guidance and understanding! The loss of parents confronts a child with immerse psychological and social problems reducing the child’s chance of starting, continuing or completing school. They require care in regard to physical, mental, moral and social development.

Rural parts of Uganda have got large number of orphans than urban centres because people living in rural areas are not so sensitized on prevention methods of HIV/AIDS. The age of orphans, however, is fairly consistent across parts of the country.

Despite of the efforts by the government and non government organisations to improve the lives of the children, social indicators continue to show a decline in social and economic welfare of children. Also low levels of education among the whole population of the community has also been attributed to the increasing number of Orphan children as a result of HIV and AIDS scourge, poverty and poor health conditions. Uganda is now with over two million orphans living at risk according to UORDP-the orphanage programme.

There is then, a great need of working to create sustainable change by proving the quality of life for the children in desperate need for the proper growth of this nation.

How we want to solve the problem.

We have been working with four orphans and we have identified a number of orphans & street children with a great need for food, shelter and education facilities. We are arranging for a bigger home, teaching facilities in nearby schools & providing home tuitions, health checkup, medicines, cosmetics and other needs for 30 children for the start?

Potential Long Term Impact

This project has potential & impact full in main streaming of orphans & street children. Their basic needs are met & they will get new life through gaining knowledge, vocational skills & life skills. They will get love & affection as if their parents provides. Their confidence level will increase & become good asset to the community. They are developed physically & psychologically & made as good & productive citizens. Other expected outcomes are:

30 orphans and vulnerable children counselled, educated and stabilized psychologically. They will be inspired and show humanity towards the community.

Over 100 children feed, educated and care for and vocationally trained to find their way through this challenge society.

Partnerships with over 20 schools helping with educating the children under the project.

Project Messages

I have come to realise more and more that the greatest disease and the greater suffering is to be unwanted, unloved, uncared for , to be shunned by everyone to be just nobody( to everyone) – Mother Teresa

A person may rightfully be happy if in this life he could a great favour for widows and orphans, could assist support than, and facilitate fate of people. – Islom Karimov 

Project duration

Once we secure the funds we plan to build a permanent home for these children. We hope in the next years to come we shall set a learning facility to accommodate about 500 disadvantaged children. We believe we can create a quality life for these children through nurturing all the way from the vulnerable stages to the mature/decision making age. The project will be subjected to annual evaluation and audits to determine its viability and work performance.

Activities and programs

The organisations activities and programs will be majorly these:

.Education and training program.

Seeking for schools to assist in educating of orphans and vulnerable children through offering bursaries to these children.

.Promoting the use of indigenous knowledge in designing teaching aids so as to make education more affordable.

.Training of school teachers and ‘Home’ workers on how to handle and care for the orphans and vulnerable children.

.Identification and registration of 100 orphans and vulnerable children in total from the Masaka.

.Provision of school fees and scholastic materials to the registered orphans and vulnerable children on.

  • Fund raising and economic activities
  • .Sourcing for funds from donors and organizing fundraising activities.
  • .Operating income generating activities such as commercial farming, child aid shops, aid child restaurant/coffee shop etc.
  • .Counseling and care support program
  • .Provisions of routine counseling to children for psychological and social stabilization
  • .Offering of care to meet the children’s physical, spiritual, health and metal needs.
  • .Feeding the children on a balanced diet for proper health and intellectual growth
  • Volunteering program
  • .We shall invite volunteers all over the world to come help with the children in all possible ways;medical, care takers, funding helpers, etc
  • .Carry out routine visits to families supported by the project.
  • .Reaching out to government and nongovernment organization to join efforts on helping children all around the country in various ways.

TARGET POPULATION: Orphans and Vulnerable Children in families with double orphans and people having HIV/AIDS


The Project is intended to address the problems of orphans, vulnerable children in Masaka – Ssenyange…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Housing & Homelessness
  • Volunteering


  • Cathedral Road, Masaka, None 0000, Uganda
    Bukakata road masaka

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