About Us

ZAMBIAN Acapella

ZAMBIAN Acapella is a musical group directly working under the national youth networking fraternity and presently based in Zambia. The group change the name into thabo now ,the formally known as the zambian Acapella toured about 39 states in USA 1997/98. Mission thabo is the new name that the group is carring and six members of the group is still touring same have stop , thabo is still working with oid members like Anthony Moyo,Billiaty Zulu, David Muismuko, Howard mulinda, Ricky mukolima,and Martin Chungu, And we want to thank all the host families in the USA for they support which their give to us may God bless them all God bless the U .S .A. To tour the world and promote the causes of the underprivileged in society.

Group Aims and objectives

i. To foster self-sufficiency amongst the youth in shanty compounds and in villages. ii. To Promote exchange of cultures of different peoples of the world. iii. To Raise funds in concerns for building schools for under privileged children iv. To promote professional contacts for youth in Zambia v. To train local and foreign artists in Zambian Music.

Values i. To sing morally rich and spiritually upbuilding music. ii. To work with any organisation pursuing good causes. iii. To appreciate all peoples of the world.

Activities AS junior ZAMBIAN Acapella ,THABO toured 39 states in the USA and performed at various fora. Kenton, Texas- 1997 Hopriland Hotel- Tennessee USA, 1997 World Teens Conference- Kentucky, 1997 Silver Dollar City- Branson ,Missouri, 1998 Azusa PacificUniversity in California, 1998 Galilea Shoping Mall- Dallas Texas 1998 Folk Life world festival- San Antonio Texas 1998 County Tonight Show- Branson Missouri 1998 WE ALSO PERFOMED IN MORE THAN 1600 HIGH SCHOOLS COLLAGES AND UNIVASIRTYS IN THE STATE AND PERFORED IN ALMOST 300 CHURCHS

pastor williams Partnerships New beginning Christian Center, Meadow Home School, 1371 Detroit Avenue, Concord,USA.

Thabo is currently involved in many musical and community based activities in Lusaka Zambia , We are looking for partners to work with