Environment Support Group, Bangalore, India

About Us

Environment Support Group (ESG) is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, working with local communities, civil society organisation and government agencies on issues related to environmental and social justice in India.

In fulfilment of this task, we facilitate local communities and civil society groups in their effort to resist socially and environmentally destructive developments for which we provide a variety of support functions including research, documentation, training, advocacy and legal support.

ESG's campaign support to local communities have had major regional and national impacts in the areas of power sector, mining, environmental decision making, decentralisation, infrastructure, etc. (Please read more at our website: www.esgindia.org)

In addition we engage local governments and regional agencies in progressive efforts to secure environmental and social justice, the thrust of which is in capacity building and sensitisation.

Needless to state, we actively work with national and international organisations and networks on many campaigns, and particularly in reforming or resisting (as the case may be) International Financial Institutions and Political Organisations.

ESG welcomes volunteer involvement of a long term nature.