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About Us

Infoxchange is a not-for-profit community organisation that empowers individuals and communities through access to technology. We do this in a number of ways:

ServiceSeeker is the largest community support services directory in Australia, containing information on over 215,000 services and welfare agencies.

Service-to-Service (S2S) referral system handles around 4,000 referrals each month, improving service coordination, resource management, networking and information sharing.

Jobseeker is an online job site, specialising in community and social sector jobs. Over 500 jobs are listed every month, attracting over 5,000 unique job seekers each week.

GreenPC has distributed close to 20,000 refurbished ex-government and corporate computers to low-income individuals and communities across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region over the past 8 years. In doing so the GreenPC project has created over 350 jobs for formerly long-term unemployed people.

Digital Inclusion Initiative works to ensure members of our community are not marginalised from society due to a lack of access to basic technology.

Web and Multimedia supports community and not-for-profit organisations by using online technology to make the delivery of their services more efficient and enable them to connect with their clients in a more meaningful and effective way.

LanguageFactory provides affordable translating and interpreting services to various sectors of the community. It also provides opportunities for residents of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to gain employment and useful skills.