Bonamanzi Conservation Trust

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About Us

With worldwide habitat loss, human encroachment, illegal activities such as poaching, and many other factors contributing to the decline of many significant species, committed and well managed conservation efforts are becoming increasingly important for the survival of many of the most

significant species on the planet.

Bonamanzi game reserve has been in existence for more than 30years. As a game reserve, Bonamanzi has always involved

itself in conservation

efforts, and will now strive to do more.

Bonamanzi conservation trust started up recently. It has four main objectives:

-to facilitate further studies and research on the fauna and flora of the surrounding area.

-to radio collar buffalo, cheetah, leopard, elephant, hyena

-Fund raising and monitoring rhinoceros security and anti-rhino poaching organisms

-the eradication of alien plant species

-to improve communication with neighboring communities to better education, better mutual understanding, developp sustainable incomes and involve rural communities in conservation and preservation efforts.