St. Mary's Educational Society

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19A Veppanchalai Street

About Us

St. Mary's Educational Society was registered as a nonprofit organization in 1997 and established Mary's Matriculation Higher Secondary School with the motto: “Every child deserves an education, regardless of their social status, religion, caste and color.” The mission of the NGO is to educate and elevate the destitute youth of Tindivanam and surroundings areas, so that they may excel in all of their future endeavours. The overseers of the school are Mrs. Sharmila Anand, the principal of the school, and Mr. STB Anand, correspondent- both very passionate, hardworking people dedicated to their students. They also incorporate a foreign intern into their work, responsible for teaching English and assisting with fund-raising projects. St. Mary's is an oasis for those children and their parents who may have lost hope in ever achieving anything more than simply subsisting. It offers free education to 55 of its students, and thirty percent have defaults on their payments. Out of the 65 students completing their last year, 55 went on to attend universities. The school is also renowned for how well its children speak English, a vital skill in the ever-developing business world and higher education. For the past 10 years, foreign interns and volunteers have continually been a part of our NGO. If you are interested in project management or teaching in India, please contact the principal at