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About Us

The Kaplan Medical Center located in Rehovot, Israel, is a 535 hospitalization beds public hospital and is part of the Clalit Health Services network. The medical center provides medical services to the 700,000 citizens of the heartland of Israel, From Rishon Lezion and Modiin in the north to Kiriat Gat and Ashdod in the south.

Our mission is to provide the best medical services available to the surrounding population and do our best to make our patients return to their normal life as soon as possible.

The Kaplan Medical Center is a unique combination of a community hospital and an academic medical center with the most advanced technologies. In the medical center there are advanced units from all major medical fields. We provide community outreach and healthcare education such as: Lecture series with a panel of professional doctors for the general public; Health related publication in the local newspapers; “Health promotion days” in collaboration with local municipalities and other authorities; Special events and support for the Ethiopian Community with adjusted content and activities (Health care, Israeli's & Jewish holidays, assisting school students and more); Various activities for expecting couples and pregnant women; Various health related activities and workshops for adults and children; Leading Internet forums.

The Kaplan Medical Center is affiliated to the Hebrew University Medical School of Jerusalem, Responsible for teaching medical students in their clinical years. More than 50 wards and services are recognized for Residency training. Among our teaching routs: Nursing school (part of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem), since 2010 the school is approved by ISO association; School for immigrant physicians (who made “aliya”); School for radiology technicians; School for Medical Clowns; Common research with the Weizmann Institute Of Science

2012 activity data: E.R visits - 139,219; Admissions - 48,665; Hospitalization days - 183,505; Outpatient visits - 310,338; Surgeries (Including Day Care) - 13,776; Deliveries - 6,531

Kaplan Medical Center Striving For Excellence. In order to meet the challenges of excellence in medicine, we are improving our quality of service and our facilities continuously: JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited (since 2010). Last Survey passes: November 2013 – three years permit; Building new and modern facilities to replace outdated and obsolete facilities; Implementing computerized patient records; Implementing patient safety routines and protocols and more…