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About Us

World Savvy is a global education nonprofit serving youth and educators through three core programs in three offices nationwide. Our mission is to educate and engage youth in community and world affairs, to prepare them to learn, work and live as responsible global citizens in the 21st century.

World Savvy was founded in April 2002, and is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The Global Educators Program (GEP) fosters partnerships with teachers and schools, to provide curricula, lesson plan ideas and resources for incorporating international issues into existing curriculum. The Global Youth Media & Arts Program (MAP) works with youth organizations and middle and high school educators. The MAP prepares youth to exhibit and perform projects during a Festival in May. The World Affairs Challenge (WAC) is an academic competition on international affairs for middle and high school students in Northern California.

The Global Youth Media and Arts Program is an arts education program for youth ages 10-18 in New York and San Francisco. Through the MAP youth use their own lives and communities as a platform to examine a global theme - Immigration and Identity - using visual arts, performance and media. This program illuminates the connections between community and world affairs and helps young people learn to use art and media as tools for self-expression, dialogue, and community engagement.