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About Us

Plowshares Institute is a catalyst for social change that has been addressing social risks and conflicts for nearly 25 years. In partnership with an international advisory council and collaborative agencies on five continents, the Institute staff designs and implements pilot projects that identify and address emerging social needs in order to build a more just and peaceful world community. In the last decade many of these programs have provided skills in mediation and conflict transformation, and have empowered civic, religious, and political leaders to work together to deal constructively with emerging conflicts.

These programs led to Plowshares’ recent nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize by members of the South African parliament, with endorsement by leaders in China and Indonesia and members of the U.S. Congress. A deliberately small organization, Plowshares is able to make a valuable and sustainable impact by leveraging: its expertise in innovative core methodologies; its deep history of international experience and learning; its commitment to both thought and action; and its mutually beneficial partnerships with change agents around the world.