IDEP Foundation in Bali

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About Us

Our Mission is to:

To learn from existing community-based knowledge and use this knowledge to guide us in effectively achieving our vision while carrying out our mission in an open-minded, culturally appropriate and innovative way.

To demonstrate local methods of preserving natural resources and bio-diversity in combination with other successful models, and to disseminate results amongst those who can benefit from these methods.

To develop appropriate methods of learning and information exchange for dissemination through national and international networks, to support new initiatives, and strengthen the capacity of existing projects that focus on sustainable community development.

To develop and utilize various types of media that raise public awareness of current social and environmental issues, and to provide access to information and solutions that address challenges faced by local communities.

To offer practical education for sustainable lifestyles by designing and adapting effective models, tools, trainings and curricula for local communities in Bali, Indonesia, South East Asia and worldwide.