Balagan Theatre Company



United Kingdom

About Us

The objects for which the charity was established are to encourage, promote, maintain, improve and advance education and participation in Music and Drama for children and young people. The organisation was formed in March 1999.

We are currently fundraising to run a month long arts education project with a group of 6-14 year olds in Salvador, Brazil. The project will take place on the edge of one of the biggest slum areas in Salvador, Bahia, on Brazil's north-eastern coast, an area that has high levels of illiteracy and poverty. Mental health, disease, prostitution and teenage pregnancy are enormous problems, because of poverty, a rapidly increasing population, education and lack of access to resources. Disaffection and marginalisation is prevalent amongst the local population.

We feel that the arts have so many benefits in terms of raising literacy and confidence, and if we can do anything to get young people aspiring to do something positive for themselves and their community, the better.