Living Classroom

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About Us

Living Classroom was founded in 2008 with a mission to inspire children to learn about and value our natural world through garden-based education. We support a new generation of students that are excited about science, connected to nature, and are equipped to build a future that is environmentally sustainable. We provide a full service program including lesson plans, all materials needed for each lesson, instruction and training for volunteer docents, garden design, installation, and maintenance, and interpretive signage.

Our field tested lessons teach key concepts in California's content standards for science, math, social studies and nutrition while providing experiential, hands-on, and outdoor learning experiences that make learning real and relevant to their lives. We bring nature "home" and by extension teach children that nature is all around us. We believe that garden-based education is a key way to reach every student, regardless of their circumstance, through exposure to nature in their schoolyards - accessible every day without requiring transportation.