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About Us

The Institute for Community Health was founded in 2000 to be a nationally recognized organization dedicated to health status improvement through facilitation and collaborative sponsorship of community-based research, assessment, dissemination, and educational activities. The Institute was founded by Cambridge Health Alliance, Mt Auburn Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital of Partners HealthCare, and functions as a unique collaboration of these three Massachusetts health care systems.

The goals of ICH are to advance community health research; promote community health education and training; develop community action programs and policy; and forge linkages among health care systems, community partners, and academic institutions with shared community health objectives.

ICH works both locally and nationally in communities with ethnically, economically, and culturally diverse populations. ICH has a strong tradition of collaborating with city agencies, community organizations, and academic institutions.

Underlying all Institute work is a commitment to understanding and respecting diverse populations, safeguarding privacy, and building lasting relationships among partners.