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About Us

The Institute for Community Health (ICH) is a non-profit consulting organization that provides planning and assessment, participatory evaluation, and applied research to help local communities create sustainable health. The cornerstone of our mission is a commitment to community engagement in all aspects of the planning, evaluation and research processes, and a deep appreciation for the diverse experiences and values that communities contribute to health improvement. Founded in 2000 by three healthcare systems, ICH has a long-standing history of delivering breakthrough, actionable approaches to public health by combining real world practice with academic research. 

ICH has extensive experience working across sectors and with a broad array of organizations and institutions, including community-based organizations, city and state governments, hospitals and community health centers, and academic institutions. Our work spans a wide variety of topic areas, including chronic disease, health systems, youth development, health disparities, substance abuse prevention, public health infrastructure, and mental health, among others.