UHAI for Health Inc

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About Us

UHAI for Health Inc. is a non profit organization that was founded in 2010 in Worcester Massachusetts. Uhai is a Swahili word of Life and hence our aim is to improve the lives of the marginalized African population both in Worcester and in Kenya through health education and promotion, research, screening and referral.

According to research, immigrant populations are vulnerable to health disparities and they disproportionately suffer from many serious diseases while experiencing significant worse health outcomes. World Health Organization report stated that Africa’s health problems are getting worse especially the rise of chronic and life style diseases. Disease screening, patient education and referral for follow up can improve the health of the poor and marginalized populations that may otherwise have little or no access to healthcare.


UHAI’s MISSION is to promote health in the African born community in Worcester and in Kenya.

Goals and Objectives:

UHAI for Health endeavors to achieve the following Goals and Objectives:

  1. To work with the African born community in Worcester, to promote education and awareness about preventable health conditions and to connect people to medical services.
  2. To promote health awareness, conduct medical screenings, and to connect communities to health services in Kenya.
  3. To increase the skills of community health workers and educators in Kenya.
  4. To research cultural and structural barriers that prevent people from accessing screenings and services