The Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation

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About Us

The Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation (JBRF) is the first and only charitable foundation which funds research exclusively into the cause, identification and treatment of early-onset bipolar disorder; a serious and life-altering condition which effects many thousands of children and their families. Research to date has produced a number of breakthroughs which bring into focus the true range of symptoms involved in the illness. This new perspective has delineated a syndrome which describes those children most severely affected by the disorder. Investigators have identified several promising treatments which could substantially improve the lives of those children.

The current mission of JBRF is to:

  • Continue to explore and articulate the newly defined syndrome.
  • Continue to develop treatments effective for the diminution or elimination of symptoms primary to this condition .
  • Develop the means to more accurately diagnose its presence as well as further define its differentiation from other conditions.
  • Develop the tools and networks necessary to disseminate diagnostic and treatment information.